Shave System Kit

all skin conditions. Dermalogica Shave’s exclusive three-step regimen takes into account beard type, hair growth pattern and skin condition for a shave that delivers your healthiest skin… Continue reading


Daily Defense Block spf15

all skin conditions. Multi-tasking daytime lotion helps condition and promotes skin recovery while defending against skin-aging UV rays. Beats dryness and leaves a shine-free finish. Everyday use… Continue reading


Post-Shave Balm

all skin conditions. Reduce discomfort and redness brought on by shaving with this super cooling treatment balm. Intensely moisturizes and soothes to shorten post-shave recovery time. A must-have… Continue reading


Close Shave Oil

all skin conditions. No nicks. No cuts. No redness. All accuracy! Create an instant cushion between skin and razor with this ultra-smooth shaving oil for the ultimate close shave. Contains no… Continue reading


Invigorating Shave Gel

all skin conditions. A lightweight shaving gel that soothes, cools and softens. Clear formula allows for optimum visibility of areas to be shaved. Calms redness while combating irritation for a… Continue reading


Pre-Shave Guard

all skin conditions, especially those with heavy, coarse beards. Heavy, tough beards require extra prepping that maximizes beard softening without the high-alkaline ingredients that can aggravate… Continue reading


Soothing Shave Cream

all skin conditions, especially sensitive or dry. An ultra-lubricating cream that delivers a super-close shave that won’t leave skin feeling sore. It helps skin recover from damage while… Continue reading


Daily Clean Scrub

all skin conditions. A dual-action exfoliating cleanser that removes dulling surface debris, helping to lift the beard for a closer, cleaner shave. Contains no artificial fragrance or… Continue reading


Clean Bar

all skin conditions. The performance of a Dermalogica Cleanser in a convenient bar form. This soap-free, convenient bar removes impurities and breaks down surface oils without stripping the… Continue reading