Kabuki brush

(goat hair): Use with our loose… Continue reading

retractable handi brush

The Retractable Handi™

(goat hair): Just like The Handi, but in a retractable size that fits neatly and easily into your… Continue reading

the handi

The Handi™

(goat hair): The only tool for our pressed powders. So versatile, it’s the go-everywhere, do everything… Continue reading

chisel Powder

Chisel powder

(goat hair): Use with our loose… Continue reading


Foundation brush

(Taklon nylon): Use with Liquid Minerals and… Continue reading

blending brush

Blending brush

(goat hair and Taklon nylon): Use to blend both powder and cream based products gently into the skin. Works beautifully with Dream Tint, Liquid Minerals, PurePressed Base, Amazing Base and Powder-Me… Continue reading

white fan

White fan

(goat hair): Use for blush, bronzer and shimmer… Continue reading



(goat hair): A true multi-purpose brush, ideal for highlighting with our bronzers or gold shimmer… Continue reading

retractable lip

Retractable lip

(pony and goat hair): Pull it and the brush head appears; push it and it’s gone. No top to worry about… Continue reading

sable lip

Sable lip

(sable hair): Use for precise lip color… Continue reading



(Taklon nylon): Use with Circle\Delete and Disappear… Continue reading

eye brush

Eye brush/comb

(boar bristle): Ideal for brushing, grooming and separating both eyelashes and… Continue reading

deluxe spoolie

Deluxe Spoolie

(Nylon): Use for grooming eyelashes and… Continue reading

angel definer

Angle Definer

(ox hair): Short dense bristles with a slight angle to create soft lines. Great for brow definition, applying shadows as liners, applying Cream To Powder Eyeliner or for smudging… Continue reading

angle liner brow

Angle Brow

(Taklon nylon): Use for shading brows or for… Continue reading



(Taklon nylon): Use for any detail work in lines or around eyes and… Continue reading

eyeliner brow

Eye Liner/Brow

(Taklon nylon): Use to apply liner. Flip over and use the sponge tip to… Continue reading



(pony hair): Use to add precise definition around the eyes. Can be used to apply powder eye shadow as… Continue reading

sculpting brush


(Taklon nylon): Gives even blending of a small amount of liquid, cream or gel product onto the skin. Perfect for applying Lid Primer, Eye Gloss and all our cream-based… Continue reading

small fluff

Small Fluff

(pony hair): For adding definition around the eye, use to apply extra color from corner to crease and under the lower… Continue reading

mini dome


(pony hair and Taklon nylon): Use for shading all around the eye when you want a bolder stroke of… Continue reading



(goat hair): Thinner than the Eye Contour brush, use when you want to make up the eye with more… Continue reading

oval blender

Oval blender

(pony hair): Like a mini Handi Brush, this dense flat brush will cover an area with foundation or shadow in just a few strokes. Ideal for blending out bronzer and blush, or for applying a base eye… Continue reading

large shader

Large shader

(pony and ox hair): Use for shading when you want a wider stroke of eye color or to prime the entire eyelid with powder… Continue reading

deluxe shader

Deluxe shader

(pony and ox hair): Use for the softest, smoothest shading around the… Continue reading

chisel shader

Chisel Shader

(goat hair): Shorter, firmer bristles than the Eye Shader or Deluxe Shader are excellent for laying down and compacting shadows onto flat surfaces or specific areas. Use for shimmer on the eyelid or… Continue reading

eye shader

Eye shader and eye contour

(pony hair): Use the Shader for the eye base and the Contour for the accent… Continue reading