Liquid Eye Liners

Liquid eye liners

Our liquid eye liner will amaze you with its saturated color and real staying power – all without the use of irritating chemicals. Makeup artist trick – apply with eye… Continue reading

Cream to Powder Eyeliner

Cream to powder eyeliners

You won’t get more fun or versatility from one product than you will from these beautiful cream to powder combinations! Mix them for your own custom shade, and also wear as shadows or brow… Continue reading

Eye Highlighter Pencil

Eye highlightener pencil

Wake up tired eyes with our jumbo highlighting pencil. Use under the brows, around the inner corner of the eye or all over the eyelid. Gives the eye an instant lift. Comes with its own… Continue reading

Eye Pencils

Eye pencils

Pencils so soft they won’t pull on your delicate skin. Natural pigments give you long-lasting color that stays where you put it. Best applied by taking color off pencil with the Eye Liner/Brow… Continue reading

PureLash Extender & Conditioner

Purelash™ extender & conditioner

Just like your hair, lashes can dry out, split and break off. But not with our Extender & Conditioner. The ideal primer for any mascara, it may even encourage extra growth! Lashes look longer,… Continue reading

Longest Lash Mascara_Swatches

Longest lash thickening and lengthening mascara

Fabulous color, sea minerals that encourage lashes to grow to their fullest potential, and thousands of cellulose fibers to coat lashes for a look that’s glamorous, rich and full – this… Continue reading

Purelash & Lengthening Mascara

Purelash™ mascara and Purelash™ lengthening mascara

Mild and conditioning formulas with no lacquers, shellac or petroleumbased products. Water resistant, with algae extracts which condition and protect lashes to reduce splitting and breakage…. Continue reading

pure brow fix

Purebrow™ fix & mascara

A clear gel in a double-ended tube with a comb at one end and a mascara brush at the other. Use to hold unruly brows in shape, as a mascara for dyed or dark lashes, or as a seal on… Continue reading

Pure Brow Gel

Purebrow™ gels

Our brow colors are ideal for tinting brow hairs the natural way. An easy way to hide your gray, and they even do double duty as a light… Continue reading

Eye Gloss

Eye gloss

There’s a reason why these eight beautiful shades are called “Silks” – that’s how they go on, and that’s the way they look, and they won’t budge until you take them off. Your eyes will… Continue reading

Purepressed Eye Shadow

Purepressed® eye shadows

These highly pigmented powders are everything that shadows should be – fashion colors in matte or shimmer that enhance and brighten the eye. All have been sensitivity tested. Our variety of… Continue reading

Lid Primer

Lid primer

A light, thin coating controls oil and ensures shadows won’t smear. Wear these primers as a highlight, too, no matter what your skin type. Apply with your fingertip or our Camouflage… Continue reading