More Lip Plumper

More Lip™ – lip plumper

Smooth this great tasting citrus balm on your lips and feel them tingle as our all-natural botanical stimulants go to work. You’ll get plumper lips right away with long-lasting… Continue reading

Lip Drink

Lipdrink™ – SPF 15 with UVA medium protection

UVB/UVA Medium Protection with edible zinc oxide. Macadamia nut oil moisturizes and conditions – absolutely no petroleum-derived ingredients. Add a delicious citrus flavor, and this is truly a… Continue reading


Puregloss™ for lips

The ultimate lip gloss – shiny, soothing and protective. Our tingly mint and ginger flavor plumps without chemicals in a base of organic vegetable… Continue reading

Lip Fixation_Group

Lip Fixation™ – lip stain and gloss

Now you can have it all – an ultra long-lasting lip stain and a tasty gloss that gives you color without feathering, luxe lips without drying, and coverage from sexy to subtle. Our lip stain… Continue reading

Just Kissed Lip Plumpers

Just Kissed® – lip plumper

Special peptides give moisture and visible plumping that lasts. One simple sweep and your lips will be transformed with sheer natural color and a refreshing feeling you can’t… Continue reading


Lip crayons

With Lip Crayons, you can be however you want – indulgent, decadent or downright down-to-earth. Our rich selection of colors in a creamy, mineral-based formula are fun to use and last as long as… Continue reading

Lip Definers_Group

Lip definers

Create a look that’s all your own by layering color. Fill in your entire mouth with a Definer and apply a LipColour on top. For a richer look, finish with a PureGloss or Just Kissed shade. Your lips… Continue reading

Sugar&Butter Open

Sugar&Butter – lip exfoliator and plumper

Soft, beautiful and oh-so-kissable lips are yours with our lip exfoliator/ plumper duo. Organic brown sugar gently removes dull, dry skin – then eat the sugar crystals right off your lips! Next,… Continue reading

Lip Colour_Group

Puremoist™ lipcolours

You’ll love the way your lips feel! Our state-of-the-art liposome formula packs in moisture, color and staying power. No FD&C dyes or synthetic… Continue reading