Pigmentation Removal

Do you have pigmentation or sunspots you’d like to treat?

Cosmetic Beauty and Laser offers solutions to pigmentation. Our therapists will advise you on which solution we offer is best suited to your needs and expectations.

We offer the following treatments to solve your pigmentation or sunspot concerns:

  • Candela laser to remove pigmentation.
  • Skin inject to help with increasing elasticity and make your skin firmer, even toned, revitalised and decrease the appearance of pigmentation.
  • Good looking microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin resurfacing procedure which employs an abrasive substance (aluminium oxide) that gently exfoliates the upper most layers of the skin.
  • We also have medical products to help lighten pigmentation.


What causes skin pigmentation?

Pigmented lesions are dark in colour simply because the melanin has become abnormally localized and concentrated in one area of the skin. High concentrations of melanin arise from several causes.  Some types are present at birth, but most pigmentation occurs as a result of overexposure to the sun’s damaging rays, ageing, hormonal change (Chloasma) arising from several causes including some oral contraceptives, or pregnancy (Melasma).

We are now very aware of the effects of over exposure to the sun and modern sun screens and other skin care products are directed at preventing, or at least minimising, damage to our skin arising from normal exposure and from “sun-bathing”.

While protection from the sun remains the best prevention from sun spots and related sun-damage skin disorders, there are treatments available for those already suffering from pigmentation, although most brown spots are easily ignored, if you experience any form of discolouration and feel it is detracting from your skin’s natural beauty and your feelings of well-being and self-esteem, possibly pigmentation removal is for you, although it does depend on the type, location, and cause of the pigmentation.


Solar pigmentation

Solar lentigos, as the name indicates, this is a direct result of sun exposure — the skin is reacting to the UV (Ultra Violet) rays from the Sun. Many of us have endured sunburns; the acute form of Sun damage to the skin, the reality is that the effects of sun-damaged skin increase with age.  Over time, we note the gradual changes (chronic) in our skin caused by the accumulation of sun exposure.


Hormonal pigmentation

Chloasma occurs quite commonly in women taking oral contraceptive tablets.  The skin pigmentations usually develop slowly but may be noticed shortly after starting oral contraception or changing the brand or dosage strength, but may also occur after many months of use.  You should consult your General Medical Practitioner and discuss alternative contraceptives.



Melasma is triggered by sunlight and the incidence increase with age.  Another important contributing factor is hormonal changes.  Melasma is also called “mask of pregnancy” because it appears during pregnancy or shortly after childbirth.  Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy are known to aggravate pre-existing Melasma.


Skin Damage

This can occur from skin trauma, infection, or inflammation.  Some chemical and mechanical treatments intended to improve the appearance of your skin, although can have an adverse effect over time or when incorrectly applied.


Treatment for Pigmentation Removal

At Cosmetic Beauty and Laser we understand the distress and embarrassment that skin pigmentation can cause, particularly the darker blemishes and especially when covering larger parts of the body. We recommend a complimentary skin analysis which is important to ensure that you receive the most effective treatments available. Pigmentation can be on the surface of the skin, which is easier to remove and treat or it can be deeper within the dermis, which can be harder to remove and treat.

Cosmetic Beauty and Laser therapists have found that the Candela GentleLASE is the most effective resource to treat pigmentation lesions. Cosmetic Beauty and Laser therapists have the equipment, experience, training and qualifications to provide safe and effective treatment for most types of pigmentation lesions.

Contact Cosmetic Beauty and Laser to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss treatments that will best suit your needs and expectations.


Are there any Precautions to take during treatment?

As with all laser treatment, you must avoid exposure to direct sunlight before, during and for some weeks after having treatments.  At Cosmetic Beauty and Laser, our experienced qualified and certified therapists will advise you based on your individual skin type and needs. SPF 15+ must be worn daily.