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Cosmetic Tattooing

Cosmetic Tattooing

Ombré brow tattooing is applied by using the more traditional method, the machine method. This technique leaves behind a soft powdery finish within a crisp design. The density of the pigment that is implanted starts soft and light at the beginning of the brow and gradually gets darker and heavier towards the tail. This technique tends to last longer and is overall better for the integrity of the skin. This is great for the individuals who have little to no hair, oily skin, or those who prefer a more defined brow shape.

Microblading has the ability to look completely natural when blended amongst existing hair or none at all. The feathering motion mimics real brow hair and can be individually customised to suit your preferences. Depending on your requirements, the brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled as each new strand is intricately etched and coloured into the skin.

Skin Types

An organic pigment is implanted into the outer layers of the skin and will last anywhere between 6-18 months depending on the skin type. Drier skin types tend to retain the pigment far more effectively than oilier skin types. Clients who are heavy users of “active” ingredients in their skincare such as retinol, AHA and vitamin A, C and E are not recommended to undergo this treatment.

The Procedure

You will be asked to fill out a consent form and a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied to numb the area before we complete the design process. Your tattoo artist will carefully design your start, arch and tails to represent the shape we intend on creating. Feel free to bring photos of the way you normally draw in your brows. Numbing cream is continually applied throughout the procedure for added comfort. Although you might feel the contact of the “etching” onto the skin, it has been likened to the sensation of the tip of a tweezer being dragged across the skin. Some clients experience a sensation of wanting to sneeze, however your artist appreciates that this is a normal reaction and will be very experienced In manoeuvring to accommodate this reaction. All initial tattoo procedures includes a complimentary retouch 6-8 weeks after the first application.


Depending on the depth of colour applied, most people are comfortable to seen in public within 2-3 days if not immediately. The colour will appear very rich for 48 hours immediately after the treatment then begin to fade away for the days to follow. In some cases, clients have experienced up to 70% of the colour fading out of the skin in the first week. We recommend you do not get the area wet for 7 days and your artist will guide you through a 7 day post-care treatment plan depending on your skin type. You are unable to use any oils, active ingredients, rich moisturisers or toners on the skin for 7 days. Makeup can be used as normal but must not come into contact on the brows and surrounding areas. We recommend cleaning the skin or removing makeup with a damp face washer or disposable facial wipes and opting for a very mild moisturising “lotion” not cream. Remove eye makeup in a downward direction and do not scrub or wash the brows for 7 days.


For a fee depending on the artist and location, the treatment is recommended every 12-18 months to keep the brow strokes looking defined, rather than a “wash” of blurred colour. The blurring will occur due to exposure to the elements and product use. Oilier skin types have been known to require a 6-9 month refresh time frame as the pigment will fade at a much faster rate.

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